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Most Beautiful Love Letter

Sold out
Sold out

Not an overstatement  when we say its the most beautiful love letter ever, talks about innocent love, genuine love dream of romance, that instant when the whole world become our oyster with our love one. What wouldn't you offer?

A Dozen Red Roses and Spray Roses with Mixed Eucalyptus simply arranged in a white ceramic vessel, a love letter and a child like illustration is on the vase.  

Here's what the love letter says: 

Sometimes when I look at the moon i think you are looking at the moon at the same time.
Sometimes I look at the moon and send it a little wish for you. I wish for you all the stars.
Sometimes I want to go up there with you and swing on stars. We could take an old record player up there and dance all night and I'd tell you I love sharing the moon with you.
And I'd tell you I love you more than stars. And I'd tell you I love you all the way to the moon and back.

Approximately 14" W x 16" H

Orientation: All-Around 

Standard as shown (A Dozen Roses)

Deluxe (18 Roses)

Premium (24 Roses)


Occasionally, substitutions may be necessary to create your arrangement due to the availability of certain flowers at certain times of the year. See our substitution policy